Collin College Center for Workforce & ED

Collin College’s Center for Workforce and Economic Development (CWED) serves as another resource to meet the demands of business and industry. CWED’s corporate learning programs are designed to generate high performance and increased productivity in the workplace. By tapping into an extensive network of resources, CWED delivers customized solutions that meet an organization’s goals and objectives.

CWED's team works directly with a company to listen to business challenges. Needs are carefully assessed, and practical strategies identified. Using results-oriented methods, the CWED group then delivers cost-effective programs that focus on results. They can provide: 
  • Leadership training that builds a high-performance workforce and organizational growth 
  • Customer service programs that equip employees to become service providers who create superior customer satisfaction 
  • Industry-specific language training customized to give employees on-the-job confidence and improved interaction 
  • Business process engineering that improves a company’s bottom line. 

Programs can be offered on site at your location or on campus at one of the college’s convenient locations. 
The CWED can help Plano companies build a smart workforce. For more information, visit or call 972-599-3130. (11/29/12)

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