ED Incentive Process - Visual.001
The City of Plano offers incentives on a case-by-case to stimulate business attraction, retention, redevelopment and expansion. The incentive package is determined by type of operation, number of full-time jobs created, capital investment, median wage, size of space constructed or leased and community impact.

The City of Plano's incentive program is designed around a statutory requirement to consider incentives for "Primary Jobs".  Primary jobs are defined as jobs which produce goods and services in excess of what can be consumed by the local market.  Those goods not consumed by the local market are exported to other markets in exchange for money or export income.  To qualify for Plano incentives, the project must be able to create or retain primary jobs.

Projects may also be eligible for State incentives. 

City of Plano incentives include:
State of Texas incentives include: 

Federal incentives include: