WalletHub ranks Plano 12th Best City for People with Disabilities

When searching for a new city to call home, most people share a common list of priorities. Among their concerns are affordability, jobs, schools and attractions. But people with disabilities often have a larger list of considerations. Factors such as the accessibility of various facilities, the quality of health care and even the cleanliness of the air can take precedence. The availability of such elements allows them to play an important role in the community and make significant contributions to the economy.

In the United States, people with disabilities bring valuable skill sets to the workplace that build upon the strength and diversity of the American labor market. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, a little more than five million people with disabilities were employed in 2013. However, the unemployment rate for those with a disability continues to be almost double the rate for persons without a disability.

In observance of Disability Employment Awareness Month, WalletHub identified the cities with the most suitable conditions for individuals with disabilities. We analyzed the 150 most populated cities across 23 key metrics, ranging from the number of physicians per capita to the rate of employed people with disabilities to park accessibility. By doing so, we aim to ease the process of finding the best place to live while managing a disability.

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