TX Tops U.S. for Corporate Expansions

Texas topped a list of U.S. states with the most new and expanded corporate facilities, receiving the 2010 Site Selection Governor’s Cup in the process. With 424 new or expanded corporate projects, the Lone Star State had a 50-project increase over its second-place finish in last year’s contest and dethroned Ohio, which had won the previous four Governor’s Cups. Ohio had 376 projects in 2010.

“Gov. (Rick) Perry has worked diligently in recent years to make his state pro-business, which is why Texas ranks as high as it does on matters of interest to site selectors,” Mark Arend, editor in chief of Site Selection, said in a statement. “The Governor’s Cup is a clear example of this — and a critical one to the governors, because it objectively measures actual project activity.”

The data is tracked by Conway Data Inc.’s New Plant database and published in the official publication of the Industrial Asset Management Council. It does not include retail and government projects, schools or hospitals. To qualify, new facilities or expansions must involve a capital investment of at least $1 Million, or create at least 50 new jobs or add at least 20,000 square feet of new floor area. (3/2/11)