Well Go US Becomes Leader in Film Genre

Every Friday the 13th deserves its terrifying theatrical release. 2019 had Freaks. Set in the near-future, this slow burn sci-fi film tells the claustrophobic story of 7-year-old Chloe (played by Lexy Kolker), a child largely shielded from the outside world by her paranoid, protective father (Emile Hirsch). Chloe’s dad is afraid of the Abnormals, a group of humans turned into mutants after a global catastrophe. And since Abnormals are being hunted down in the streets by the government, Chloe doesn’t get out much. But when she encounters a mysterious stranger (Bruce Dern) just outside her front door, things get more complicated. 

Freaks came at the behest of a group of film aficionados in Plano, Texas. They run Well Go USA, the unassuming company and former karaoke video hub that now happens to distribute genre films like Freaks, and is a leading force in bringing Asian action cinema to the United States.

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