#2 Hardest Working City in America

Top 10 hardworking cities in America

In honor of Labor Day, a holiday that celebrates hardworking Americans, we looked at the cities that burn the most midnight oil.

Labor Day weekend. Time to relax with a barbecue and your last trip of the summer to the beach to celebrate what makes American workers so fantastic: all the hard work you do all year!  

Many see hard work as necessary to achieving the American Dream, which is probably why American workers put in more hours than other industrialized countries like Germany and Japan.

While no one should work 120-hour weeks (40 hours is standard and good for achieving work-life balance and avoiding burnout), it’s important to demonstrate a strong work ethic in order to be successful in your career. (A few ways you can do that is by focusing on your accomplishments, increasing your efficiency, and setting boundaries.)

Ahead of Labor Day—a holiday dedicated to celebrating hardworking Americans like you—Kempler Industries looked at metrics including average commute time, average workweek hours, percentage of people ages 16–64 working full-time, percentage of senior workers ages 65 and older, and the percentage of unused vacation days to identify the most hardworking cities in the U.S.

According to the Kempler study, Texas dominates: Although Washington DC takes the top spot, seven of the 10 most hardworking cities are in the Lone Star state.

So, what exactly are these hardworking Americans doing to make a living? Using the Gartner Talent Neuron tool, Monster identified the top jobs hiring in each of these top cities. Although you’ll find the most job opportunities within tech—with many of the top jobs in these cities hiring for software developers, web developers, and computer systems analysts—there are opportunities in construction, marketing, and sales, too.

If you consider yourself a hard worker, click through the list below to see the cities and jobs in which you’ll be put to work.

1. Washington DC

Top jobs hiring: software developers, network and computer systems administrators, information security analysts, web developers, computer user support specialists  

2. Plano, Texas

Top jobs hiring: software developers, web developers, network and computer systems administrators, computer systems analysts, computer user support specialists

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