Plano ranks high on Best Cities for WalletFitness

WalletFitness is about turning the country’s biggest stressor – money, according to the American Psychological Association – into one of your biggest strengths. It means building an excellent credit score and using the bargaining power that provides to never again overpay for financial products. It means maximizing your earning potential, minimizing debt and protecting yourself with the proper insurance coverage. And, perhaps most importantly, it means spending modestly while saving aggressively for both a comfortable retirement and that proverbial rainy day.

Neither financial success nor monetary fears are experienced equally throughout the country, however, which means WalletFitness levels vary widely as well. So as we take stock of the things we’re most thankful for in life and prepare to make resolutions for self-improvement, it’s fair to wonder who’s best situated for financial success and who has the most work to do.

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