Progress Reports

January - December 2017 

 We often like to talk about the progress Plano has made over the past two decades, but we also appreciate knowing that our Plano remains the same at its core. At last year’s State of the City, we declared the era of Plano 3.0. We defined ourselves as a world-class city that comfortably competes on the global stage for any business, family or individual looking for a place to call home. We talked about our progression from a bedroom community to a big suburb, to who we are today: a self-sustained city with our own identity. 

The Plano 3.0 era arrived as a result of our prior thoughtful and visionary leaders spanning from elected officials to community volunteers. All were fully invested and committed to our city’s success and these visionary leaders had a perception of the city that manifested as the reality we’re experiencing today. According to Money Magazine, Plano is the best place to live in Texas and the third best place to live in the nation. This accolade is an acknowledgement of the many wonderful things happening in our city. 

With all that is happening in our city right now, this is nothing short of an unprecedented renaissance. We are in a new phase of our timeline. This year, some long anticipated projects will be fully open for all to enjoy. We are going to see new development, job creation, additional office and retail space, along with more new restaurants. The new growth in our business sector will continue to help us provide our citizens with amenities and activities that will enhance the quality of our lives. 

We invest in our people and in our community. We grow and diversify our tax base which allows us to deliver quality service at the lowest rate. That’s what I refer to as the Plano formula. This year is the year of the Big Bang, where we have rightfully, appropriately and deservingly assumed the position of third cornerstone in the metroplex.