Progress Reports

January - December 2015 

This year, Plano ushered in a new era, and marked the arrival of Plano 3.0. In the 1980s, we were a bedroom community (Plano 1.0). The next two decades, we were known as a big suburb (Plano 2.0).  Today, we enthusiastically embrace our identity as a premier, diverse and inclusive city that comfortably competes on the global stage for businesses, individuals and families looking for a place to call home.

Plano is an economic engine and the nexus for job creation in the region. Our highly educated workforce, excellent school system and world-class business parks are just some of the reasons why companies choose to relocate and expand in Plano. Plano is a place where employees will thrive and families stay safe while enjoying the many amenities the city offers.
Our efforts resulted in over 8,300 positions being created or retained. This included the arrival of Liberty Mutual’s regional headquarters, Ciber, along with the expansion of Nokia, Capital One Finance and KFC Global, Pizza Hut Global and Pizza Hut U.S.

We call ourselves, “The City of Excellence,” which represents our attitude and culture. We will maintain the commitment to deliver quality services to our citizens and find ways to stay connected. Despite being a city that offers a variety of cultural and educational opportunities, we foster an environment of citizen involvement.   A city poised to be the place of choice today and tomorrow. We are Plano 3.0- a big city and strong community.