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  1. Cost of Living

    Plano's reasonable cost of living adds to its high standard of living

  2. Demographics

    Plano consists of an educated and diverse population in a growing region

  3. Education K-12

    Award winning Plano ISD and regional higher education institutions

  4. Higher Education

    Explore a pipeline of college graduates from 25 universities in the region

  5. Environment

    Committed to sustainable living through active promotion, ongoing outreach and community services

  6. Government

    Providing high quality services to its citizens, find out why Plano is the City of Excellence

  7. Incentives

    Learn more about the various types of local and state incentives

  8. International Resources

    The City of Plano is receptive and responsive to international business, educational and cultural opportunities

  9. Leading Employers

    Home to several global and national companies, click here to view Plano's largest employers

  10. Taxation

    Texas has no personal or corporate income tax, making it a smart place to start and grow a business

  11. Transportation

    Plano offers excellent access to air, light rail, public transit and road transportation

  12. Quality of Life

    Plano provides cultural arts, professional sports, recreation, fine dining, entertainment, music, shopping and night life expected from a major city

  13. Utilities

    Businesses in Plano have access to leading technologies and competitive rates

  14. Workforce

    Access to a highly-educated workforce is one of Plano's strengths

  15. Document Library & Forms

    Data that is comprehensive, detailed and accurate is critical when considering a new location or expansion